Designed and developed by Magapor’s R+D Engineering Department, Extenderbox delivers the exact volume of reconstituted extender required and at the set temperature.

EXTENDERBOX automates the reconstitution process and dosage of the extender used in the preparation of seminal doses.

Innovative concept:

Designed to deliver the necessary extender instantly, continuously and at the required temperature.

Work method:

A pump dispenses distilled water from an external source, which is instantly heated by a heat exchanger, while a second pump dispenses concentrated extender, pouring both liquids accurately in a container, obtaining the volume of reconstituted extender required.

The preparation of the concentrate is done by adding 10 times more powdered extender per litre of water.

Extenderbox Magapor 2

Advantages of working with Extenderbox :

  • It saves time in the laboratory. Work does not need to be stopped to warm more water, since the heat exchanger keeps the correct temperature all the time
  • It prepares the litres of extender needed each day, and no more, quickly and conveniently, therefore avoiding the waste of extender.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Compact device, it occupies little space in the laboratory.
  • Due to its concept, it minimizes the risks of contamination.
  • Advanced and intuitive software, with touchscreen, it prevents mistakes as it automates the process.

Technical features:

  • High accuracy pumps and weighing system for exact dosage, with a precision of ±1 gr.
  • It works depending on the density of each extender.
  • Compact design in stainless steel and aluminium. Easy to disassemble components for cleaning and sterilization.
  • Designed to improve the work in the boar stud laboratory:
    • reduced size and weight
    • integrated scale that can be extracted (tray)
    • quick and easy scale calibration
    • certified weight included
  • Pumps with reverse function to empty the tubes (hoses) after use.
  • Connectivity: Total traceability. Possibility to connect the barcode reader to the USB port of the device and therefore link it to Gesipor and the Magapor Integrated System.
    • Ethernet port for network connection and with Gesipor 3.0.
    • USB port for barcode reader connection.